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Golden Flower is an extension of conventional Kundalini techniques that I have developed in such a way that it improves the conventional techniques into a more effective tools to help humanity to evolve towards better leverage of spiritual evolution.

As we all know, Kundalini is such a mastermind of spiritual energy, a very extraordinary energy that years to centuries naturally evolves to get close and closer to perfection.

It is also well known to every spiritual aspirant that it is verily impossible for humans to evolve itself, without tools of a high value like such mastermind of any energy system, a supremely valuable energy which is Kundalini energy within the human self.

Even the so-called divine energy is often recognized as not such effective way to evolve human potentials to what we refer as maximum exploration of a whole human potentials, without an evolved Kundalini energy, as humans are incredibly complex creatures and miserably overwhelmed by the many …